Short Term Storage


Common challenges like lacking storage space for a large order or not wanting to get tied up in a long term lease, can easily be resolved right here. Many of Century Logistics’ clients have found themselves with temporary storage needs, and our facilities have proven to be the best and most convenient solution.

We also offer pick and pack and reliable distribution service; all you need to do is send the order through and the rest is done for you, even inventory is managed.

We have suitable locations that will cover all your critical needs for short-term storage. Our warehousing facility is designed and developed for you, yes You!

There are many reasons why Century Logistics can also be the ideal solution for you.

Our Mississauga warehouse is:

  • Clean and well lit
  • Climate-controlled
  • Fully insured
  • Located close to major highways and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport

Our clients benefit because:

  • Efficiencies increase when goods are stored at and shipped by one company
  • Overall costs are decreased
  • Fulfillment times are quicker
  • Goods can be stored anywhere from a couple of days up to 12 months

If your needs are to store for longer period, check out long term storage services.

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